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I make sculptures to enlighten the meaningful purpose, joy, and life fulfillment you provide to horses. I can custom design in the likeness of your beloved companion(s), add a Champion Sash with your Crest / Logo as the Medal, and make distinctive works of art to display your love of all horses

Here is a sampling of my works

All sculptures are made-to-order,
please Contact me if you would like to explore a new project!

Mission & Meaning

The mission of Kavanah Art is to enlighten and reflect the following wisdom with deep intention through equine sculptures:

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To recognize and reinforce the mystical connection that exists between horses and humans- that such a huge and powerful animal allows us to ride them at all, and the amazing things they are able and willing to learn to do with humans, is nothing short of a miracle.

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To honor and reinforce the virtues of all equestrians that provide purpose, joy, and fulfilling lives to horses through their care, training, and provision of opportunities for them to demonstrate their intelligence, heart, and skill.

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To instill a profound spiritual appreciation for the natural World. When humanity can see and realize it is just as important for all animals- our beloved animal companions and wildlife- to live purposeful and fulfilling lives as it is to us, we can elevate our own purpose with deep and mystic intention by protecting and providing all the things they need to do so.

The Meaning

Kavanah is a Hebrew word that means to do things with deep intention. Typically, kavanah is invoked to sharply focus the mind and immerse the soul in the meaning of spiritual prayer; to help people truly instill and implement teachings / wisdom to guide them toward a more fulfilling, purposeful, and righteous life. All equestrians that care for their horse(s) with great purpose and intention are achieving Kavanah in your choices and virtues, and I am honored to reflect and reinforce that in my sculptures.

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Hand of Gold ®

This option is meant for horses with deep personal meaning to the rider / owner / trainer. One of the most joyous observances in my life has been to see riders reach down from the saddle to communicate their love and appreciation through the touch of their hands, and to see how the horses respond so appreciatively back. The Hand of Gold reflects this mystical connection – in the love you and your companion share together, in the mutual purpose and life fulfillment you create together, and in the Divine spirit of life they were born with- for you to find and help flourish eternally.

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My Story

Learn more about how horses and equestrians inspire my artistic creations with such deep and meaningful expression, and how and why it will be my honor to make Art with Kavanah for you!

Kavanah Art

I started studying the Hebrew language after learning about certain Hebrew words that have the power of literally enhancing life perspective and state of mind. “Kavanah” was one such word that helps guide my focus on the actions I choose to do; to achieve greater purpose and meaning in life with intention.

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Word Of Our Customers

Jim designed and produced over 250 sculptures for Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center as meaningful Expo swag and gifts to major donors. It’s great to have the options of resemblance to our therapeutic horses or other beautiful artistic colors- all have our logo on them to help people remember our organization. People love getting them, as they are a token of appreciation of their support to our therapeutic ranch and symbolize the bond between our therapeutic riders and the horses who mean so much to them during their healing journey.

~ Eva Lange, Resource Development Director for Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center 

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