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Work Gallery

Below are examples of sculptures I created to reflect and reinforce the mystical connection to specific horses and people.  Contact me to add your story of love and connection with horses and provide me the honor to make a mystical sculpture with kavanah for you!


I had been working on my artistic horse sculptures for a couple years, refining my work as I learned new techniques- although I never had the pleasure of making a sculpture in the likeness of someone’s special horse until my friend Allison Nagelberg and I were chatting about my work, and she gave me the opportunity to make a special gift for her new daughter-in-law, Dana. Dana loves her horse so dearly that they took many wedding photos together, and while looking carefully through the beautiful photos one of them inspired me the most. What if I could capture her cradling hand expressing her special connection with her beloved horse Finley? I was already so deeply moved by watching the riders at Princeton Show Jumping reach down from the saddle and caress their horses’ necks to show their appreciation and deep connection to their horses with the touch of the hand, and this was the final spiritual motivation I needed to give it a try. Hundreds of hours later and with Divine guidance, the Hand of Gold ® symbolism was born!  It is a wonderful example of the magical mystical energy that will always occur when we truly do the right things for the right reasons, and a Divine gift for me to see the photo and my sculpture together to capture this moment of profound and mystical connection.

finley 2.jpg


I made this sculpture as a memorial for Olympic showjumper Daniel Bluman’s wonderful companion “FaFa” (Fatalis Fatum). FaFa was the first horse Daniel ever jumped in an international Grand Prix, first to compete in a Nations Cup and CSI 5* GP with, and first to win a Grand Prix with. I have had the pleasure to meet the Bluman family at Princeton Show Jumping (PSJ) and watch in amazement how they are literally “one with the horse” as they navigate the courses together. Such extraordinary connection only occurs with a combination of deep compassion and tireless training. They often show their younger horses at the PSJ grounds since it’s a perfect relaxed atmosphere for them; this means these relationships are often still in the development phase and not everything always goes according to plan. Though just as with humans, horses will not realize their full potential in life without opportunity to learn and people who care enough to help them do so with great reverence and love as the Bluman family does, and so many other wonderful equestrians I am fortunate to see at PSJ.  It is a supreme and humbling honor to create a memorial of such an amazing companion in FaFa for Daniel, with the cradling Hand of Gold® meant to reflect the mystical connection and love that will endure forever. 


Brianne Link & Equisite Elements of Style

I first met Brianne at Princeton Show Jumping (PSJ) about 5 years ago; she was a fierce competitor in the ring, though what struck me the most was how impeccably she was dressed in equestrian attire. I complimented her on both her riding skills and fashion sense- all before I knew she was Founder of her own boutique equestrian apparel line at Equisite Elements of Style! Brianne has incredible compassion for people as well as horses, having volunteered to be an Ambassador for Just World International (JWI) when she was only 11 years old; and wearing her signature JWI blue show jacket as a sign of her continued support thereafter. Brianne and I re-connected this past year at PSJ at her apparel exhibit, and I told her I’d like to make a special sculpture for her someday. When I got a stunning new blue sapphire material a few months later, I immediately thought of Brianne and her exquisite blue jacket. While manipulating a 3D cube base for the sculpture, an amazing and unexpected miracle appeared in my sculpting- faceted sides that looked just like cut-gemstone. The print came out beautifully, and further development of my new sculpting techniques for achieving cut-gemstone like appearance is now one of my signature collections. This project was a Divine example of the mystical intention that can happen when someone accepts your request to try and do something special for them and provides you the opportunity to do so, thank you Brianne!

brianne link.jpg

Moon River

I made this sculpture for my friend Marine Garot; Marine works at an animal shelter, and she and I became good friends taking care of the kitties as I volunteered there 3+ days a week for a year.  In addition to her wonderful compassionate heart for cats, Marine also loves horses and we would frequently talk about riding. She also introduced me to one of the stables that I now ride at as I continue my journey of learning and mystical connection with horses. Marine has been riding “Moon River” for almost the entire 5 years that she relocated here from her home country of France; they have established an unbreakable bond and a wonderful fulfilling part of their lives together. It is a great honor to help capture and remember that always with the sculpture I made for her- including the Hand of Gold® to reflect such a special connection from the saddle. 


Expo Sculptures for Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center

I became a supporter of Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center (RMTRC) immediately after finding out about their super-impactful work from the various other wonderful initiatives of JNF USA I have been supporting for many years. I quickly became good friends and colleagues with Eva Lange, the Resource Development Director of RMTRC.  Eva asked if I could make some special sculptures as memorable swag for their exhibit at JNF’s annual Global conference, and I was honored and delighted to do so! She wanted me to incorporate RMTRC’s logo; I was struggling how to do that on small (~2.5 inch) sculptures- I didn’t want the logo to look like an old-fashioned hot iron “branding” mark. After volunteering for a weekend at Princeton Show Jumping to put the Champion sash and bows on the placing horses, the vision came to me- utilize the logo as the medal on a Champion’s sash! I designed a 3D sash and together with RMTRC’s 3D logo, I was able to incorporate both as permanent parts of the sculptures I made for their expo. The 3D sash with customized 3D logo has now become another one of my signature styles, and is yet another wonderful example of the magical mystical energy that will always occur when we truly do the right things for the right reasons.



I made this sculpture for a participant at Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center (RMTRC) in Israel. She was living in kibbutz Re'im when the October 7th massacre occurred and spent 29 terrifying hours hiding in a safe room with her daughter. She and her family had to be evacuated from their hometown to a hotel in Eilat. While the mystical relationship between horses and humans is available anytime we choose, it can be essential and especially impactful for those most in need at any given time of their life; thanks to the dedicated efforts of their staff, many generous donors, and their amazing horses, RMTRC has been providing such opportunities for over 25 years for children and adults living with disabilities or trauma.

I was honored to create a sculpture for her to always remember and cherish how much Marioma has meant in these most difficult times, and to be a continuing beacon of hope and light. I try to see something that makes a specific horse unique and incorporate into the sculpture- in this case for Marioma's facial flecks I utilized a unique filament; and since 3D printing is really only practical for “1 color” filament at a time, I stained the balance shades of black to match her body and mane.


Belle & Cake

Belle and Cake are the two schooling horses I’ve been learning to ride with. Cake is a handsome deep chestnut and absolute genius- he knows exactly what you are asking of him and happily does it to the best of his ability 100% of the time. I had wondered how he got his name and now I know- once a rider hones their skills and fully understands the technique and communication with him, he makes riding an immensely enjoyable “piece of Cake!”  While Cake loves humans, he doesn’t always get along with horses; my trainer feels it was probably something traumatic in a horse-tussle during Cake’s early years. He has a characteristic “v” / check-mark scar on his face that is perhaps from such a tussle; as I always know “that’s Cake” whenever I see the scar, I incorporated it into my sculpture. He certainly didn’t let his early trauma affect his wonderful soul and mystical connection in working with humans!

Me on my schooling horse.webp

Cake and I enjoying a magnificent day

Belle is a beautiful mare that I was introduced to through my friend Marine, as mentioned in a sculpture story above. Unlike Cake who loves to stretch his giraffe-like neck fully out and low (which suits my natural desire for looser reins for the horse’s maximum comfort), Belle’s physical build requires a short rein with her head high while trotting. She is teaching me how to develop as soft a touch as I use with Cake, even with short reins- without this challenge I would never have been able to learn this critical skill! Belle is also a bit sassy, unpredictable, and demanding- without which I couldn’t fully develop the nuances of physical communication required in horseback riding. She’s a perfect complement to Cake in honing my riding skills, and now shows her love and affection back at the end of our lessons by being completely happy and relaxed, allowing me to kiss and hug her! I’m not joking when I say trying that while tacking-up prior to the ride would be an invitation for a broken nose – this makes such mystical connection after the ride even more magical!


Belle and I after the ride- seeing her eyes closed while cradling her face is one of the most priceless gifts I will ever receive

Contact me to add your story of love and connection with horses and provide me the honor to make a mystical sculpture with kavanah for you!
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