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About Me

It was in 2018 that I first experienced in amazement how horses displayed their intelligence, skill, and heart in navigating the courses together with their riders at Princeton Show Jumping. Even though I had never ridden a horse, I was completely captivated by the deep spiritual connection between these huge animals that choose to work with humans in this manner, and the joy and purpose in life that they achieve in doing so. It reminded me exactly of the joy and purpose our beloved yellow lab (Martha) realized from protecting us and providing her unconditional tail-wagging love; these simple things enabled her to live a life of complete fulfillment and happiness 365 days a year for her entire life. Martha showed me that a life of purpose is just as important to animals as it is to humans; in horse show jumping I can clearly see that the riders, trainers, owners, and everyone involved in making these opportunities possible are doing just that for their horses.

Two years later, I started to learn 3D digital sculpting and 3D printing so that I could capture the majesty and beauty of the horses I watched at sporting events. When a Divine inspiration came to me for symbolizing the spiritual connection between horses and humans simply through the touch of our hands, I wanted to share this in my sculptures to reflect and reinforce the virtues for everyone involved in fostering purpose and fulfillment for these incredible animals. From the purity of witnessing these miracles was created the “Hand of Gold”® sculptures, my signature designs for horses with deep personal meaning to the rider / owner / trainer. I've since expanded with additional signature creations to reflect the love of all horses, and even had the great pleasure to experience this mystic connection first-hand by learning to ride over the last year!

I have refined my sculptures over thousands of hours of design work; and even though the tools are "digital", it is still all tedious design by hand, 3D printing them, observing flaws, and continuously improving them. Only with great passion and intention is such work possible, and along the way has come many miracles that I attribute solely to Divine guidance for doing the right things for the right reasons.  The purity of giving animals purpose and protecting / providing all the things they need to do so are what I was meant to see, understand, and communicate through my art. My deep compassion for animals combined with studying wisdom of the ages- particularly in ancient Hebrew through to modern times- are the truths reflected in my work (to learn more about such powerful perspectives, I have written several short essays

3D printing is a very slow production process; even though I have a state-of-the art 3D printer that is twice as fast as my “old” printer from 3 years ago, it still takes 8 hours or more to print just one of my sculptures. I hope to grow this business enough to have other people help me make them; since 3D printing can be safely done at home, my vision is to work with people that have a home-bound disability to help me. For example, an equestrian that may have been permanently disabled in an accident, or a soldier suffering from PTSD. Having a purpose to wake up in the morning and do something positive makes all the difference in life, so if I help just one person do so I will be honored and thrilled. Every piece of art sold brings me closer to that vision! 


Thank you for everything you do to help horses and inspire my artistic creations with such deep and meaningful expression; please Contact me for the honor to make Art with Kavanah for you!

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